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Johan Cruijff Boulevard 79

1101 DL Amsterdam Zuidoost

t +31 20 810 21 47




In a hurry? Don't worry, you're out in a minute with our take-away-box. Still time left? Enjoy our good ambiance!

Our burger patties are made from 100% free-range Simmentaler beef, raised and grazed on herb twined grass in the Austrian Alps. We use the best cuts of beef to make our burgers the juiciest possible!

Our bun is a classic American brioche, made exclusively for us to our own special recipe. The creamy taste of pure dairy butter in the brioche greatly enriches the juiciness of our burgers.

We are the 'bitch' among the burger restaurants in Amsterdam. Nearby the entrances of Johan Cruijff Arena you can try our Hot Mama, Juicy Lucy or the Original Beauty. Or let Pink Lady seduce you. Come and try our tasty burgers, all premium beef quality!


Real tasty burgers
and big menu's

Original Beauty

Premium Beef – Lettuce – Tomato – Pickle – Red Onions – Bacon – Cheddar Cheese – Bitch Sauce

Crazy Chick

Grilled Chicken – Lettuce – Tomato – Pickle – Red Onions – Bacon – Cheddar Cheese – Bitch Sauce

She’s Smoking

Premium Beef – Grilled Onions – Bacon – Cheddar Cheese – BBQ Sauce

Bitch Attack

Premium Beef – Grilled Onions – Portobello Mushrooms – Blue Cheese – Bitch Sauce

Hot Mama

Premium Beef – Lettuce – Tomato – Pickle – Red Onions – Jalapeños – Tabasco Sauce 

Juicy Lucy

Premium Beef – Cheddar Cheese – Chili Con Carne

That`s a huge Bitch

Premium Beef – Lettuce – Tomato – Pickle – Fried Egg – Pulled Pork – Cheddar Cheese – Bitch Sauce

Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy

Pulled Pork – Coleslaw – Bitch Sauce

Philadelphia`s Queen

Steak – Lettuce – Tomato – Pickle – Grilled Onions – Cheddar Cheese – Bitch Sauce

Pink Lady

Falafel – Lettuce – Tomato – Cucumber – Aioli – Tomato Compote 

Tasty Mermaid

Fish Filet – Lettuce – Chips – Garnish – Tartar Sauce

The Wiener

Hot dog
Tomato / Paprika Compote

The Bombshell

Toasty Bread (filled with bacon & Cheese)
XXL Premium Beef
Grilled Onions
Bitch Sauce on the side

Clubb’n bitch

Toasty Bread (filled with Bacon & Cheese)
Grilled Chicken
Fried egg
Bitch Sauce on the side